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Dennis Hormes Takes the Blues into the 21st Century

At least that’s the verdict of the German music magazine SOUNDCHECK in their October 2003 edition about the debut album of this exceptional guitarist, barely 22 years of age. Since the release of his album, titled “LIVE,” superbly favorable reviews have been making their way through the German press. The listeners of “Blues Radio Germany“ have launched the song “Hold On“ to number 7 in the charts.

And all that, although this Nu Blues Power trio has only been around since April 2002. Dennis Hormes and his long-time friend Martin Engelien, the bass player from Klaus Lage Band, got together at the beginning of 2002 and thought the time was about right to start making music in a trio. Ideas were aplenty, both of them get along wonderfully, and have written most of the material on the album together. On top of everything, Dennis’ phrasing is just as top-notch vocally as it is on his guitar, proving yet again that music lives in people and can be seen as a gift. The two succeeded at getting Dieter Steinmann to play drums with them, which simply made sense. Additionally, Dieter and Martin have played music together as “Rhythm Twins,“ one of the best and most well-known rhythm bands in Germany. The whole thing culminated already in their first appearance as a trio, when they were the opening act for Bernard Allison Band in April 2002. In their April 19, 2002, the Donaukurier editorialized, “… Even if you’re willing to dismiss Dennis as the next string-strumming guitar wonder, confusing speed and technique with a lack of feeling, you’ll quickly realize that his momentum and dynamic truly come from the heart… The resulting ovations have totally overwhelmed him that he muttered, ‘I would’ve never thought that’. People still kept talking about the [then] 19-year-old during the stage change. It was only after the gong sounded that people realized that this was just the opening act. It looked like Allison and his band didn’t know how to get started.“ Success stories have been pouring in about the Dennis Hormes Blues Band ever since.