Six String Therapy – CD


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If you would measure him by his musical career, DENNIS HORMES ought to be an old bone of at least seventy years. But with only 34 springs on the clock, the guitarist from North Rhine-Westphalia, who is also active as a producer, songwriter and singer, looks already back on a career of almost two decades. In this time he has played on world tours with artists like T.M. Stevens, Fettes Brot, DJ Bobo, Tom Beck, Luxuslärm, Roachford, The Boss Hoss, Marc Terenzi, Daliah Lavi, Mark Medlock, Dieter Falk and Richard Sanderson to only name a few. Along the way he has been almost three years touring with the musical Richard oBrien’s Rocky Horror Show through Europe and perpetuated himself on more than 40 records.

Only 12 years old, DENNIS HORMES was already performing on stage and with 14 years he played concerts and sessions with well-known musicians of the scene like Rocco Klein, Andreas Schmidt-Martelle, Hannes Bauer, Martin Engelien, Tiziano Lamberti, Bill Bickford, Thomas Blug, Wolf Simon, Charlie T. and many more.

DENNIS became endorser for Gibson Guitars being only 16 years old, which makes him even to date the youngest endorser in the world for one of the most famous guitar brands.

But mainly DENNIS HORMES is focussing on his career as a solo artist.

On this one his second solo album, DENNIS HORMES is putting on a more rocky sound.

The former guitar prodigy is showing once again that he has become one of the world’s best guitar players. On „Six String Therapy“ the musician shows that he has not only quick fingers, but is also genius in song writing and singing.

Cover songs, which are frequently used in the blues/rock area, will not be found on this CD. All twelve songs on „Six String Therapy“ are completely written by HORMES himself. And as a matter of course DENNIS HORMES is naturally also responsible for all guitars, the singing and the production. The album is completed by the sounds of Robert Lindemann on bass and Jerome Lellouche on drums.