Weekend Warrior – CD

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As a member of bands and projects such as Sinner, Primal Fear, Voodoo Circle, Silent Force, Rock Meets Classic, Go Music or The New Screamers, ALEX BEYRODT is one of the busiest guitarists in the rock/metal scene with an international reputation.
The sheer lack of time is probably one of the reasons why ALEX BEYRODT, who has already shared the stage with Alice Cooper, Glenn Hughes, Steve Lukather, Ian Gillan, Paul Rodgers, Joey Tempest, and Don Felder, just to name a few, has never appeared as a solo artist in his more than 30-year career.

Slowed down by the pandemic, like all colleagues from the cultural industry who are “Weekend Warriors” and usually “everywhere at home, but never to be seen at their home base”, BEYRODT used the forced break as an opportunity to take a close look inside himself and fully engage with his guitar and music.
The result is now available in the form of his first solo album; and in ALEX BEYRODT’s case, solo is actually to be understood in the literal sense, because the native Saarlander wrote, recorded, produced “Weekend Warrior” completely single-handedly and also recorded all the instruments himself.

And if this already shows the class and versatility of BEYRODT, the realization that “Weekend Warrior” is  – in contrary to all clichés – not an ordinary shredder record, provides the final proof that it was high time for this album.
ALEX BEYRODT masterfully knows how to paint pictures with his music and let his guitar speak for him, which is why the 11 songs on “Weekend Warrior” can do completely without vocals. The song titles are enough, the rest is done by ALEX‘s guitar playing and the imagination of the listeners, such as e.g. in the atmospheric song “Night Time”, which describes a late evening in Tokyo. Imagine you sit in a hotel bar and have a few drinks, you walk through the streets of the pulsating metropolis as a complete stranger and have a great time. Or the melancholic “Picture In An Empty Room”, which doesn’t need to be described in more detail, because the topic stands for itself.

In many of the songs, ALEX BEYRODT renders references to the heroes of his youth, thematically and stylistically ,who inspired him musically. For example the energetic “Fly Away”, which is a greeting to Michael Schenker and his famous Flying V guitar, while “Boulder Boy” is not only coincidentally reminiscent of Deep Purple. The song is to be understood as a bow before their late guitarist Tommy Bolin, who was at home in the English town of Boulder. The not-so-hidden hint to Ritchie Blackmore in “Through The Eyes Of A Rainbow”, the Hendrix vibe in “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” ( the only cover song on “Weekend Warrior”) – BEYRODT quotes all his inspirations in one way or another in his songs, but always in his own personal way.

The fact that ALEX BEYRODT is not afraid to leave his own comfort zone in order to grow with self-imposed challenges can be heard e.g. in the song “Have a Little Faith”, in which he deals with jazz/fusion for the first time, then again on tracks such as “Road To Salem”, Gipsy Rose” or the title song “Weekend Warrior”,  he shreds away like there’s no tomorrow.

But probably the most important song on ALEX BEYRODT’s first solo album is “Julie”, which is dedicated to his daughter, who was born in November 2021. Busy with the composition and recordings of this number, ALEX learned about his wife’s pregnancy, which naturally gave him an extra kick of anticipation.

“Weekend Warrior” has become an incredibly personal album on which ALEX BEYRODT talks about his feelings, dreams, inspirations, his musical beginnings, and his career as one of the best and busiest (rock/metal) guitarists we have in the scene, or better expressed,  lets his guitar tell for him. In a wonderful, pictorial language, and in the only one that can be understood without words all over the world: music.

Track list Alexander  Beyrodt “Weekend Warrior”                                                                                         

1. Weekend Warrior (4:59)
7. Have A Little Faith (6:31)
2. Fly Away (6.00)
8. Picture In An Empty Room (4:06)
3. Through The Eyes Of A Rainbow (6:19)
9. Julie (5:25)
4. Road To Salem (6:25)
10. Gipsy Rose (3:38)
5. Night Time (5:24)
11.While My Guitar Gently Weeps (5:24)
6. Boulder Boy (5:04)

Total Time: 63:15 min