LIVE – Because We Can! – CD + Bonus Track

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It’s about time for another live album!

And that is not just because we are mainly forced to refrain to seeing live shows for about 1 ½ years now, but also because this very live album is the new release of Ben Granfelt, who has played almost every stage in the world in his 36 year long, ongoing carreer; as a co-founder and mastermind of the splendid Leningrad Cowboys , with Hard Rock legends Wishbone Ash, or –time and again, and exclusively for a couple of years now – as a solo artist with his own Ben Granfelt Band.

Though the Finnish singer/guitarist usually keeps himself busy touring all throughout Europe most of the year, his list of live albums is surprisingly short. “Live – Because We Can” is only Ben’s 4th live release, but with 19 studio albums under his belt, there was a big pool of songs to choose from for this one.

„Live – Because We Can“ contains 14 tracks, recorded live at the Vuotalo Club in Helsinki, Finnland, in October 2019.
It was the final concert of a great, successful year for Ben Granfelt, and, in fact, one of the last concerts he and his band were able to play before the global pandemic crisis.

At this show, we hear the band burning down the house, having obviously a great time playing.
Ben loves to improvise and to jam, to give the songs as well as the musicians creative space to shine and to interpret the music freely. Therefore, it’s consequential, that almost all songs on the new live album are longer than the studio versions and they are played in a slighly different form.

This show in Helsinki features Ben Granfelt’s longtime buddy and band mate Miri Miettinen on drums, as well as  Masa Maijanen on bass, who is an established member of the Ben Granfelt Band for 4 years now.

On keyboards, Kasper Mårtenson, highly acclaimed by fans and critics for his work with Amorphis, Mannhai, Ensiferum or Barren Earth, is rocking the stage. And, of cours,  Ben Granfelt himself contributes the lead vocals and guitars.

It’s due to pandemic reasons, that we are able to benefit from the recordings of this show in Helsinki:  „With very little chance to go into the studio with my band and interact with other musicians due to covid I decided to release this concert instead of an studio album”, says Ben and he adds: “And I’m glad about that because it was a great concert.”